In Body wrap, the skin is gently brushed to help loosen and remove the dead cells and to stimulate circulation. Then body is slathered with body mask made of algae, seaweed, shea butter, mud and so ondepending on the type of treatment, then wrapped for 30 minutes. Later the product is rinsed off and lotion is applied.

  • Body wrap benefits
    Improve circulation, firm and tone the skin, detoxify the body, smooth body contour and make the skin feel soft, shrink fat cells resulting in inch loss.
  • Cryothermic body wrap
    Purges excess toxins, relieves water retention and helps firm tissues
  • Siddha body detoxification
    This treatment will detoxify the body and aid in the removal of toxins that impair cellular and tissue function. Great for stressed, devitalized skin.
  • Herbology body retexturizing
    A true retexturizing treatment will smooth, exfoliate and hydrate while Chinese herbs feed skin with nutrients.
  • Arctic Algae body treatment
    This very active and rejuvenating treatment will detoxify and stimulate skin while relaxing the client. Includes an optional facial mask.
  • Aromatherapist oil wrap
    A very sedating treatment will relax, calm and balance the system while softening and lubricating the skin.
1 wrap  $200
3 wraps $580
5 wraps $820
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